Trickery (Curse of the Gods #1)


by Jaymin Eve & Jane Washington

The world is divided into those who serve (Dwellers) and those who rule (the Sols – almost Gods living on earth and the actual Gods – living in paradise). Then there’s Willa Knight a Dweller who has crossed into the world of the Sols and Gods.

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Cold Magic (Spirit Walker #1)

Cold Magic

By Kate Elliott

Magic versus technology, mages versus princes, and the protagonist, Cat, versus the world. Cat attends a prestigious academy with her cousin Bee – she is well aware of her place in society and comfortable in her home. That is until a cold mage – one who can wield cold magic, despised by society for their controlling regime, and virtually untouchable – comes to her door to claim her as his wife.

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Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels #3)

Magic Strikes

by Ilona Andrews

Kate Daniels is back for round three in this beautiful series, detailing a world in constant flux between technology and magic dependencies. Her duties as an investigator take a personal turn when Derek, one of her closest werewolf friends, is found nearly dead and unable to heal. Obliged by her duty or not, Kate is determined to find justice for her friend before it’s too late.

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By Rachel Vincent

I’d been searching for a series that encompassed the werewolf pack structure – I love packs because of their unwavering loyalty and often passionate moments (both naughty and otherwise). Their wild, raw emotions just hit me in the right spot. This book delivered on the loyal pack…actually, more accurately, a loyal pride of werecats!

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