Second Grave on the Left

Second Grave on the Left

By: Darynda Jones

Another round of sexy adventures from my favorite, Charley Davidson: grim reaper extraordinaire with a sassy comeback for nearly any situation. The second book in the series continues with Charley’s PI business as she works on a new case involving a mysterious disappearance and even more mysterious circumstances. Simultaneously, the enigma that is Reyes continues to accelerate as the clock ticks down on his life.

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The Bone Season

The Bone Seasonby Samantha Shannon

The setting: a futuristic London, where clairvoyance is persecuted and Paige Mahoney falls on the wrong side. Gifted as a dreamwalker, a rare clairvoyant talent, Paige operates as part of an underground criminal syndicate until the day she doesn’t – kidnapped and drugged,  she is relocated to the prison city for clairvoyants.

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