The Host


By: Stephanie Meyer

Everyone has their own opinions on Stephanie Meyer’s work – well, put them aside for a moment because this is one of my favorite books. Since it was released, I’ve reread The Host more than ten times…it might be considered an obsession at this point. 

The Host is set in a future overtaken by parasitic aliens living in human bodies (stay with me dear readers!). The book follows Wanderer, an alien who can still hear the conscious thoughts of her human host. Talk about playing mind games…

One of the many reasons I adore this book is the dichotomy of the outsider perspective of Wanderer and the emotionality of the human, Melanie. Wanderer’s need to feel part of something is relatable and her pure intentions are so likable – she’s one of my favorite fictional characters. 

Attn romance fanatics: there are multiple romantic storylines in this book so your quota of heated kisses and stolen looks is sure to be filled. I also think the relationships in The Host are more authentic and built-out than the typical romantic novel. The love and friendships grow over time, not instantaneous as most fictional relationships these days. 

This is a unique, original story; a step away from the traditional fantasy romance novel. The interesting desert dystopian setting, the unique characters that are so well thought-out and likable (most of the time), and the entirely exceptional dilemmas faced in this book all make for a 5-star wormy rating. 

So get to reading!

Wormy Rating

Romance: Authentic romance, less heated and steamy than a five-star romance but still deserving of four stars.

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star-rating star-rating star-rating

This is one of my all-time favorites and I couldn’t recommend it enough!

star-rating star-rating star-rating star-rating star-rating


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