The Bone Season

The Bone Seasonby Samantha Shannon

The setting: a futuristic London, where clairvoyance is persecuted and Paige Mahoney falls on the wrong side. Gifted as a dreamwalker, a rare clairvoyant talent, Paige operates as part of an underground criminal syndicate until the day she doesn’t – kidnapped and drugged,  she is relocated to the prison city for clairvoyants.

The secret prison capital is controlled by otherworldly Rephaites, wreaking terror, abuse, and destruction upon the starved clairvoyant prisoners. Yet Paige’s Rephaite master seems different. Their master-servant relationship seems different. As she journeys further into the heart of this new society, Paige begins to understand not only her master but her power and capability to enact change.

As an advocate for strong-heroine protagonists, this novel got me good. Paige is strong in both power and soul – decimating people with her mind while simultaneously caring for the impoverished and mistreated. The overall plot reflects many real-world situations such as the caste system and poverty, adding layers of deeper meaning (or maybe I’m reading too much into this!). I enjoyed the character growth as the book progressed and was particularly intrigued by the tense relationship between Paige and her master.

The novel introduces creative beings and monsters, an immersive history integrated with real-world places, and fantastical powers wielded by thoughtful characters. I definitely recommend giving The Bone Season a read!

Wormy Rating

Romance: The relationship between Paige and her master is a tricky one – there’s a thread of distrust, intrigue, and necessity tying the character together. If you’re looking for hot and steamy – this isn’t for you. If you’re looking for a slow build (which I favor) – ding ding ding!


World Building: From London to the secret prison city of Oxford and beyond, the world is grounded in known landmarks and fictitious imaginings. I most enjoyed the hierarchy of clairvoyants and the individual powers that shape the rules of the world rather than the world descriptors themselves. I must caveat that I prefer lengthy and in-depth world building so if you don’t, this book might come across as over-built.


Writing: From individual word choice to overall plot, I cannot fan-girl enough! The plot is suspenseful and layered with historical anecdotes to support present-day situations and the characters are well developed from start to finish.


Overall: Highly recommend! Plus, this is a series so there’s more to come!



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