A Promise of Fire

A Promise of FireBy Amanda Bouchet

A Promise of Fire delivers a promise of naughtiness (…and fire). From the delightful dirty scenes to the high fantasy world and the beings that populate it, this book is a fun, easy read for those late nights.

Cat lives a secret life in the circus, running from her past and those hunting her. But safety cannot last (it never does!). Her hidden identity is challenged when a handsome warlord, Griffin, steals her away for her power to unveil the truth. In a monarchy full of deceit, lies, and traitors, a truth-detector is highly prized and Griffin knows it.

As they journey across the lands together and they learn more about one another, their relationship grows into something more than kidnapper-kidnappee. Cue highly charged, suspenseful dirty scenes that always leave you wanting more. Though their dialog felt childish at times, especially in the beginning, these two really grew on me. I also liked Griffin’s kindness, loyalty, and thoughtfulness throughout (making me crush even harder on this fictitious character…) – Cat and Griffin’s relationship felt more than just heated stolen moments and tension filled scenes.

The highlight of this book is really the stunning world and powerful female lead. When a single female can save her man and decimate entire towns, I cheer. Not only is she amazingly powerful with mysterious origins, but she is strong willed with a bold personality! The perfect combination. The world is equally mysterious and powerful – from Olympian gods to violent healers (oh, the irony!) to beasts and dragons, there’s no shortage of fantastical mythical beings.

I recommend this book as an easy, delicious read – full of witty moments, tantalizing touches, and imaginative details! However, this book isn’t pushing any boundaries in terms of character depth or writing – as I mentioned, it’s an easy, fun read.

Wormy Rating

Romance: Bow chicka wow wow! This book is packed with romance and sexually charged moments (almost too much? Is that even possible?). For those gentle readers, A Promise of Fire is XXX rated – you’ve been forewarned.


World Building: I really enjoyed the history, politics, and overall detail of the world – from the icy regions where magic was born to the beasts and gods that challenge Cat along the way.


Writing: I can’t emphasize this enough – easy read. The writing is fine but doesn’t inspire or add anything to the book.


Overall: There were some plot holes, some character hiccups, and some unnecessary moments, but overall I enjoyed the book and will be coming back for round two (the sequel)!



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