The Mime Order

The Mime Order

The second in The Bone Season series, The Mime Order follows Paige as she transitions to ‘freedom’ in London. However, freedom might be an illusion – though she’s no longer held captive in Sheol, she’s still a prisoner of her situation.

The Mime Order delves into the world of Mime Lords and Paige’s role amongst them. She juggles maintaining her life before Sheol, being as inconspicuous as possible so as to not draw notice by her captures, and fighting to change the status quo that imprisoned her in book one.

A large portion of the book details The Mime Order (as the name suggests…) and all the intricacies of the¬†hierarchical underground crime syndicate. As Paige moves around the city and interacts with other gangs, the reader begins to understand more about the new world. However, often times, I felt like Paige was merely going on errands without moving the plot forward. I usually love prolonged detail as I feel like it builds the world more but in this case, I was exhausted from all my errands with Paige.

I really enjoyed the characters from book one – yes, I’ll admit, I had a tiny crush on Arcturus. The slow building romance had me going. However, this book has very little of Arcturus and all the other characters I’d grown to love. Instead, the reader is re-introduced to Mime Order characters, only briefly written about in book one. Finally, the setting is completely different, a London that is almost entirely unfamiliar to the readers from book one. For these reasons, book two feels disjointed and unrelated to The Bone Season, a distant cousin.

However, I’m hopeful for book three and will continue the series – the changes in book two have not deterred me!

Wormy Rating

Romance: Minimal. I enjoyed the slow romance in book one – the love/hate relationship. The Mime Order had one or two short romance scenes but nothing like I hoped for.


World Building: Maybe I’m bitter because the drastic changes from book one but London just seemed to pale in comparison to Sheol. I enjoyed learning more about the mime order but it came across more political than fantasy.


Writing: I enjoyed Shannon’s writing style but in terms of plotline and meaningful interactions, I did not. The first two-thirds of the book did not move the plot forward.


Overall: I read this second book to pass the time and at points, I struggled to complete the chapter. However, for some reason, I’m coming back for round three (book three) in the hopes that romance will endure (ugh I’m such a hopeless romantic).



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